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Dr Ram Subramanian

Associate Professor Human-centered computing, which involves design an... View Profile

Dr Somitra Kumar Sanadhya

Associate Professor Cryptology, Security and Quantum computing.... View Profile

Dr Nitin Auluck

Associate Professor Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Parallel and... View Profile

Dr Basant Subba

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) I work in the domain of AI, ML and NLP application... View Profile

Dr Swapnil Dhamal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Game Theory, Social Networks, Transportation Plann... View Profile

Dr Shweta Jain

Assistant Professor Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Machine Learning, R... View Profile

Dr Sujata Pal

Assistant Professor Mobile ad-hoc networks, Delay tolerant networks, V... View Profile

Prof Sudarshan Iyengar

Assistant Professor Data Sciences and Analytics, Social networks, Soci... View Profile

Dr T.V. Kalyan

Assistant Professor Computer Architecture: Memory subsystem, Caches, E... View Profile

Dr Geeta Yadav

Assistant Professor Cybersecurity, Computer security and networking... View Profile

Shree Sukrit Gupta

Assistant Professor Network Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine ... View Profile

Dr Shashi Shekhar Jha

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Multiag... View Profile

Dr Sudeepta Mishra

Assistant Professor Radio Resource Allocation,interference Management,... View Profile

Dr Venkta M.Viswanath Gunturi

Assistant Professor Spatial and Spatio-temporal databases, Sptial data... View Profile

Dr Apurva Mudgal

Assistant Professor Theoretical Computer Science, Approximation Algori... View Profile

Dr Deepti R. Bathula

Assistant Professor Medical Image Processing and Analysis, Pattern Rec... View Profile

Dr Neeraj Goel

Assistant Professor Processor architecture, SoC design and modeling, L... View Profile

Dr Narayanan C. Krishnan

Assistant Professor Activity Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Machine... View Profile

Dr Puneet Goyal

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Security and Analytics, Deep lea... View Profile

Dr Jagpreet Singh

Assistant Professor Parallel and distributed systems, scheduling theor... View Profile

Dr Balwinder Sodhi

Assistant Professor Cloud computing, Software and its Engineering, App... View Profile

Dr Anil Shukla

Assistant Professor Theoretical Computer Science, Computational Comple... View Profile

Dr Mukesh Saini

Assistant Professor Multimedia Systems, Visual Analytics, Surveillance... View Profile