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Dr C.C. Reddy

Professor Mechanism of Conduction and Breakdown in Dielectri... View Profile

Prof J.S. Sahambi

Professor Signal Processing, wavelets, Biomedical signal pro... View Profile

Dr Sanjoy Roy

Professor Renewable energy systems: planning and economics, ... View Profile

Dr Rohit Y. Sharma

Associate Professor Design of high-speed chip-chip and 3D interconnect... View Profile

Dr Ranjana Sodhi

Assistant Professor Wide area monitoring and control systems, applicat... View Profile

Dr Brajesh Rawat

Assistant Professor Nanoscale Devices Modeling and Simulation, 2-D Mat... View Profile

Dr Satyam Agarwal

Assistant Professor Wireless communication and networks, MAC protocols... View Profile

Dr Sam Darshi

Assistant Professor communication, Ad-hoc networks, Wireless sensor ne... View Profile

Dr Devarshi Das

Assistant Professor CMOS Analog IC Design, ASICs for Bio-signal Measur... View Profile

Dr Vinayak Hande

Assistant Professor Low power analog integrated circuit design.... View Profile

Dr Kalaiselvi J.

Assistant Professor Power Converters, PWM Techniques, EMI, Solid state... View Profile

Dr Suman Kumar

Assistant Professor Performance analysis of mobile broadband wireless ... View Profile

Dr Brijesh Kumbhani

Assistant Professor MIMO wireless communication systems and UWB system... View Profile

Dr Subrahmanyam Murala

Assistant Professor Medical Imaging and Object Detection, Computer Vis... View Profile

Dr Bibhu Prasad Padhy

Assistant Professor Power system dynamics and stability studies, synch... View Profile

Dr Saifullah Payami

Assistant Professor Multiphase (more than three phase) machines and it... View Profile

Dr Mahendra Sakare

Assistant Professor Analog integrated circuit design, SERDES... View Profile

Dr Ramachandra Sekhar

Assistant Professor Power electronics and drives... View Profile

Dr Ashwani Sharma

Assistant Professor Antenna Engineering and Communication Systems.... View Profile

Dr A.V. Ravi Teja

Assistant Professor Converter Topologies and Control Techniques for Re... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Sharma

Assistant Professor Design and Simulations of Nanoelectronic Devices o... View Profile

Dr Pardeep Duhan

Assistant Professor Semiconductor Devices, Electrical characterization... View Profile

Prof Ramesh Garg

Visiting Professor Electromagnetics, Biomedical signal processing, MR... View Profile