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Dr Harpreet Singh

Professor Surface Engineering-Degradation of Materials, High... View Profile

Dr Navin Kumar

Professor Vibration control, Noise control, Active vibration... View Profile

Dr Ramjee Repaka

Associate Professor Heat Transfer, Bio-heat transfer, Applied thermal ... View Profile

Dr Rakesh Kumar Maurya

Associate Professor HCCI and Low Temperature Combustion for IC Engines... View Profile

Dr Prabir Sarkar

Associate Professor Product design and Manufacturing, Design Creativit... View Profile

Dr Anupam Agrawal

Associate Professor Manufacturing Processes particularly dieless formi... View Profile

Dr Himanshu Tyagi

Associate Professor Thermo-fluids, Bio-heat Transfer, Nanofluids, Nano... View Profile

Dr Ranjan Das

Associate Professor Heat and Mass Transfer, Optimization of Thermal Sy... View Profile

Dr Ekta Singla

Associate Professor Assistive devices - Task-based design, motion plan... View Profile

Dr Prabhat K. Agnihotri

Assistant Professor Processing, characterization and modelling of nano... View Profile

Dr Manish Agrawal

Assistant Professor Finite Element Analysis, Computational Mechanics, ... View Profile

Dr Anshu Dhar Jayal

Assistant Professor Modeling and optimization of sustainable manufactu... View Profile

Dr Lipika Kabiraj

Assistant Professor Bthermoacoustics, Applied non-linear dynamics, Gas... View Profile

Dr Ravi Kant

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sachin Kumar

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Dhiraj K. Mahajan

Assistant Professor Role of grain boundaries in fatigue failure of ste... View Profile

Dr Chandrakant Kumar Nirala

Assistant Professor Micro-Manufacturing/Machining, Monitoring, joining... View Profile

Dr Srikant Sekhar Padhee

Assistant Professor Multi-functional and Smart Composites structures, ... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Prasad

Assistant Professor Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Biomechanical Design A... View Profile

Dr Samir Chandra Roy

Assistant Professor Fatigue, Fracture and creep cavitation erosion... View Profile

Dr Devranjan Samanta

Assistant Professor Transition to turbulence, Non- Newtonian flows, Bi... View Profile

Dr Chander Shekhar Sharma

Assistant Professor Micro-scale thermal transport and surface engineer... View Profile

Dr Satwinder Jit Singh

Assistant Professor Applied mechanics, Numerical methods and finite di... View Profile

Dr Prince Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor Process Metallurgy, Physical and Mathematical Mode... View Profile

Dr Navaneeth K Marath

Assistant Professor Machine Drawing... View Profile

Dr Christopher Berndt

Adjunct Faculty Engineering Coatings technology Biomaterials such ... View Profile

Dr Jagjit Singh Srai

Adjunct Faculty Optimization Logistics International Business SCM... View Profile